Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Taegan starts Kindergarten!

The day finally came for our little girl to start her very first year of big kid school! We were so excited for her and in shock that the time had finally come for this to happen. I would be lying to everyone if I said I didn't feel a little bit sad. I knew she was ready and would do great, but this is such a great big milestone that I was sad about that. I am sad that my time with her at home is over and now she will be spending her days with another adult! She was so excited the week before school was starting and we did lots of fun things to make her feel like such a big girl.
 We started with doing our toes and getting all pretty!
 Even though she has to wear tennis shoes everyday to school:(

 Then we headed to Meet the Teacher Night-supplies and all!
 She loved Miss Patton.

The First Day
 She could not have been more excited for that bus to pull up...
Off she goes!
 After she got on the bus, I raced to school to see her get off the bus.
 Getting her nametag.
Waving goodbye to Mom and heading into her class!
She had an awesome first day! Didn't eat any of her lunch from school except her milk. She wants to take her own lunch from home-which is cheaper for us:) Here we go for a full year of school-I sure miss her already around home during the day.

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